Remodelling and Renovation

It’s always challenging to collect ideas that match the client’s needs; in this case delta takes the initiative in working with the client in every step and detail to make it easier. Delta have made a numerous remodelling and renovation projects in different scales such as malls, towers, palaces, restaurants, offices, and retail stores.

Construction Management

As in for construction, there always has to be a dedicated and experienced team to properly manage a construction project to fulfill the client desire. Therefore, Delta is equipped with a highly experienced project managers professionally work to the project succeed.


A unique look and enhance is the overall beauty glow of the building. Therefore, Delta is specialized in professional masonry for both new work and restoration projects especially with concrete, brick, stone and foundations.

Electromechanical And Plumbing Works

 When it comes to electromechanical & plumbing works, Delta is professionally capable of executing services such as installation of power distribution board system, fire alarm, telecommunication, security services, lighting control, cabling, wiring, low current system, hvac, duct work, pipe work, hot and cold water supply system, water filtration system, irrigation system, drainage and testing commissioning.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Delta provides high quality touches concentrating in every detail of the interior and exterior finishes to literally reflect the design from every aspect such as trim, siding, cabinetry, tile, hardwood flooring, painting, fencing, decking, window, door, replacement, solid surfaces, woodworks, roofing and insulation.


Delta has teamed up with skilled international architectural firms offering a high end design services that reach the clients standard to meet their needs.